Long ago, we lived in a world that was relatively simple. Everybody started from a leveled field. We go to school, studied and passed our exams. For some of us, we passed exams, many others scored in them and some others too, failed. But we all started without the Internet. We all started without Social Media platforms. We all begun with physical engagement. We begun on simple engagements, which need to be physical, that is, face -to-face or in-person meet ups. Face-to-face chit-chat was, then, known as a Social Engagement in social settings, like a business dinner in a restaurant, a cuppa of coffee in Starbucks or jom teh-tarik in a kedai mamakThat was in 1980, 1990 and somewhat in 2000. 

Facebook Begins in February 2004

Facebook Begin in Feb 2004

THEN, everything changed in February 2004. Facebook begin a life of its own, to be one of the most popular Social Media Platform in the world. With that, the Internet begin in changing our daily behaviours:

how we see things 90%
how we learn 100%
how we communicate 100%
how we engage with other people 88%
how people do business with You 78%

Just like You, we did business the old ways. We were calling (and not social messaging) customers. We were trying to meet face-to-face with customers and to pitch our crafted sales speech to them in physical engagements. We were emailing them info. We were SELLING to them. And did it by the book, that is, Marketing Management by Phliip Kolter, which has everything you need to know about sales and marketing.   

Just like you, we struggled to sell to Gen-X, Gen-Y and Gen-Z customers. They started to using Online Lazada, Google Search and Facebook on whatever they wanted to buy. Very slowly, our sale revenue started to drop and business cost started to rise up.

BUT HERE IS THE DIFFERENCE between You and us. We started our Digital Marketing since 2010. We have learnt about the Power of Inbound and Outboard Marketing. Unlike You again, we have automated our sales process, which is known as Sales Funnel.

More importantly, we know that there are 3 SIMPLE logic in getting customers to our business, offline and online. Here are them below.

Our Story - Reach Out To Strangers
Logic No 1

Reach Out to Strangers, Digitally

The best way to reach out to strangers is using digital tools, such as Google My Business and Facebook. Both are free and cost next to nothing. You can reach out to 1,000 people with a simple Mouse Click. Secretrick: Just make sure that you use 'keywords' such as your job title, product's primary function or product part number that people (strangers but potential customers) will regularly search and type into Google Search and Facebook Search.

Avoid offline reach out, such as making appointment and driving to meet the strangers. It is just too costly to be told 'No, thank you'. Summarily, it is a topnotch action to reach out to strangers digitally and it pays off every time. Trust us on Logic No 1.

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Our Story - Inbound Marketing
Logic No 2

Power of Inbound Marketing

Logic No 2: It is best said in Malay Language "Orang mencari saya, Orang itu datang berjumpa dengan saya."

First thing, you must get people to look for you. Since 1998, Google is the best place for everybody to search (mencari) stuff, people, business, information and etc. Secondly, you need to setup yourself to be found, personally or your business. You start at Google My Business and again, it is free.

And finally, , you must include a minimum 3 Call-to-Action verbs (kata kerja) that are (1) call me, (2) whatsapp me and (3) waze to my location in all your messages out. For more info, click the below.

Action Plan: Inbound Marketing
Our Story - Outboard Marketing
Logic No 3

Potential of Outboard Marketing

Logic No 3 is 'Orang mencari saya, Saya pergi berjumpa Orang itu".

People will always search for usable information on Google Search and Facebook Search. You need to be ranked Page No 1 or Top List. The secretrick is keywords that people used to find something. And you must offer the correct Call-to-Action or What's Next Instruction. Without any Call-to-Action (CTA), customers will not take the next step forward.

There are 3 CTA to use: (1) Call me and I will meet up with you, (2) whatsapp me and share location, and (3) message me and i will waze direction to you. Either way, you need to be found and meet the customer.

Action Plan: Outboard Marketing